Mark's Keynotes Topics

Uncommon Leadership

This keynote provides business leaders, school administration, teachers, and individuals with strategies to best promote a “team” environment and take leadership to another level. Teamwork, absenteeism, and work ethic are common concerns for employers. Mark provides intentional strategies that offer solutions to these problems.
Uncommon Leadership keynote

Toughness vs Talent

This keynote shares practical solutions and strategies to get the most out of your talent. These topics will impact business professionals, educators, students, and athletes. Practical ways to increase your mental toughness are given, so you can reach your ultimate potential. We spend countless hours training our bodies to get maximum productivity. Let Coach Potter give you practical strategies to train your brain to also reach your ultimate potential.
Toughness vs Talent keynote

The Silent Epidemic:

This keynote provides a real, relevant, and raw story of Mark’s personal experience with severe depression. You can have victory over mental illness and he wants to share his experiences to help others. His wife, Nanette, is also available to share her perspective and give the caregiver practical suggestions to assist in the situation.
silent epidemic keynote

Embrace the Journey

This keynote provides companies and schools with simple ways to change their thinking about personal growth and the daily grind of “business as usual”. Learn to love what you do with practical ideas about mindset changes.
Embrace the Journey keynote

This Husband and Wife Duo Will Speak to Your Heart

Mark and Nanette Potter are a “picture perfect” couple. High school sweethearts, married for over 30 years, two children, and four grandchildren. When Mark began a downward spiral into severe depression, the uncertainties and lack of knowledge on the subject sent the family into a desperate search for help. Mark talks about his darkest depression, and Nanette shares her role as a caregiver and what you can do to get help for someone you love. The two of them together, bring the battle of severe depression full circle. Their message will really drive it home for many people.

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Meet Mark Potter: A Husband, Dad, Coach and Motivator

Coach Potter inspires and challenges audiences with his real story of victory over severe depression. He was a head men’s basketball coach for 30 years, but left coaching to pursue his passion for educating and motivating people from all occupations.  Potter speaks on many topics including motivation and mental toughness, but his greatest passion lies in his personal battle with severe depression. He has been on a crusade to educate people about depression and encourage others suffering from mental illness to seek assistance.  His passion is to share his story in hopes that people will pursue treatment and find a way to live productively with mental illness.

Potter has been coach of the year five times and named top 15 most influential people in the Wichita sports world. He’s been inducted into the Cowley College Hall of Fame, the Newman University Hall of Fame, the Wichita Sports Hall of Fame, and most recently, the National Baseball Congress Hall of Fame. The basketball court at Newman University was named ‘The Potter Family Court’ in 2013.

nanette potter

Meet Nanette Potter: Authentic, Real, and Relevant

Nanette Potter, with over thirty years in education herself, wasn’t equipped to deal with mental illness. She was quickly thrown into the role of caretaker.  Struggling with what to do, she did something about it! She made that first call for help. When Nanette speaks with her husband, she is very open about her journey as the caregiver. She tells the family perspective, which is the often forgotten side of mental illness. She helps people relate to the thoughts she had and gives people HOPE. She wants to make sure this illness is not ignored, but addressed and dealt with. She touches on the signs and symptoms and what to do when you feel alone and helpless.

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Coach Potter with a student

This Message Can & Has Saved Lives!

“Hands down Mark Potter is one of the most dynamic and captivating speakers I have ever heard! His message was very inspiring and extremely important. I highly recommend him!”

Daniel Blake, Colby Community College

“Mark and Nanette did a wonderful, impactful presentation during our 2020 College Sports Information Directors of America Virtual Convention. They were so generous in their time, so honest in their answers, so HELPFUL to our attendees, and held a long online Q&A after the session. In an exit survey, Mark and Nanette’s session scored the highest of ANY of our 30 plus sessions during the virtual event. So thankful to have worked with them. Two of the best people we have ever brought forward to speak to our members -and on the topic of mental wellness and depression that needs to get much more urgent and immediate attention.”

Barb Kowal, President of CoSIDA 2020

“Mark Potter came to Cherryvale Middle/High School. He was great to work with and his communication prior to the event was very professional. Mark wanted to make sure he was giving a program that we wanted and he wanted to tailor it to our needs. Mark has a very outgoing personality and he was very personable and friendly to everyone with whom he came in contact. His presentation was real and very impactful. He was very excited to be able to speak with students one-on-one. Mark will make an impact with any group he speaks to.”

Scott Lambdin, Principal, Cherryvale High School

“I was calling to thank Coach Potter for presenting at my University awhile back and opening my eyes to my mental health issues. Without his speech, I probably would not be alive today. So I just wanted to reach out and explain the impact that your speech had on my life.”


Mark will Motivate and Educate Your Audience

Meeting Planners, Here’s What You Need to Know!

His real, raw, personal story and the struggles it brought his family, team, and job will shock and intrigue listeners. His stories of victory and perseverance are inspiring and relatable. Proven brain training strategies offer mental health and wellness ideas that can be implemented with leaders of a team or workforce immediately.

Mark and Nanette will impress your organization with their unique story of highs and lows in what seemed to be a “normal” family that had it all figured out. Little by little, day by day, their picture-perfect life unraveled and spiraled out of control.

They quickly take this situation and relate it to leaders, businesses, schools, teams, and athletes to help them reach their greatest potential.

Mark and Nanette Potter

Mark's Keynotes are Perfect For:

  • Work Ethic
  • Dealing with high pressure situations
  • Team Work
  • Employee Retention
  • Getting the most out of your talent
  • Leadership
  • Self Development
  • Inspiration
  • Mental Health
  • Mental Toughness

Through Mark’s inspirational speeches, he has helped people who are suffering from depression and self-doubt.

He encourages, challenges and engages businesses and schools alike, to be their best selves. Mark prepares every speech to gear towards the businesses challenges and what he can do to help them reach their goals.

Let Mark make your next conference or meeting a life-changing experience that will keep your team thinking ahead and moving forward!

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